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Dogs are awesome too

Nice compilation dedicated to all dogs. Dogs are awesome too

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Kiddo Plays with a Wild Bunny - Too Cute

There is, what we seem to believe, is a wild or lost bunny rabbit in the law's backyard and this little child absolutely LOVES it! Too cute for words...

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Added: 2780 days ago by MrFrog

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Wala-Wala Orange Tabby Cat Too Cute

Wala-Wala was an emaciated pregnant stray when she was hit by a car in April 2009. When animal rescue found her, her dying babies were wrapped by their umbilical cords around her broken hind legs. She was bleeding profusely and unable to walk. The vets performed an emergency surgery to save her life. After I heard her story, I decided to adopt this sweet girl and rehabilitate her. In the beginning she could only drag her hind legs. As time went by, she got stronger and learned to stand up and walk again. Now Wala-Wala is running around the house. We have 4 other cats (all rescues). Sadly, Wala-wala does not get along with them so I put the others in the basement a couple hours a day so she can have some time for herself to run around the main rooms. She is very funny, playful and sweet. As you can see in this vid, she is also a little chunky :) far different from the cat we met a half year ago.

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