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The Zax "Nothing To Celebrate" Music Video directed by Ben&Julia

“Nothing To Celebrate” tells the story of “Peke” a mature pekingese dog and his mistress, the ‘pink lady’, living a lavish lifestyle and having an impossible romance while bored to death in their pink apartment drinking pink champagne and playing all day and all night.

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Added: 2362 days ago by BenAndJulia

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my two doggies enjoying themselves at the beach .. keep your eyes out for the BIG BIRD and watch out for my new stick xx

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English Bulldog & Golden Retriever playing at the Beach

The Ocean Beach gang gathering (San Diego)

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SUPA BAD (The Pet Friendly Video Remix) - [w/FREE! Download!]

BULLYING IS EVERYWHERE...even in at the dog park. This video is dedicated to all who have love and respect for all animals, large and small. While in our world today, there has been much talk about the 'BULLYING OF HUMANS'...but of the bullying as it applies to animal cruelty...there has been little progression in making change for animals. So I thought that this video/song/site, might help to make things....better, (for the world...and our furry friends). Second... If anyone likes the song/cause…then I’ll send them a copy of the tune, SUPA BAD, for FREE via email. All they have to do is: 1. SIGN THE PETITION: “STOP PET VIOLENCE! (Creating A Bully Free Pet Zone) 2. EMAIL:, (please include the following): Include: “I’m A ‘Stop Pet Violence’ Supporter” in the subject of your email. Include your name, (as signed on the petition) in the email. Include the preferred email address to send the song to. ….and they’ll receive a copy of the SUPA BAD (Brick Casey) - Radio Version.mp3 in their email within 24 hours. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at at anytime. Best wishes….CHEERS! Sincerely, Brick Casey 100.

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The Family Pet - It Eats Jelly!

First of the series showing a father introducing the world of nature to his young son. Part of 'The Family Pet!' series. Six episodes which can all be viewed here;.

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Added: 2409 days ago by kibishipaul

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The Family Pet 4 - The Giant Claw!

This time 6 year old professor Ewan gets to learn about and interact with a praying mantis. Part of 'The Family Pet!' series. Six episodes which can all be viewed here;.

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The Family Pet 2 - Vicious Crayfish Attack!

A budding zoologist gets a new pet. This time a crayfish with scissors for hands!

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Old dog is fat and weak. He can hardly mount the stairs

He is exhausted, but later enjoys a fanned sleep.

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Birdie Boy in... the art of fan surfing

On a hot Seattle summers night, Birdie Boy hopped up on my turbo floor fan to beat the heat!

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Added: 2592 days ago by jaedadewalt

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