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English Bulldog learning to ride a skateboard

We are trying to teach Gordo to skateboard but all he does is chase it and bite it. He gets on it for a while but can't yet push the skateboard him self and ride it all over the place.

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Added: 2335 days ago by hdhungryman

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Funny Pets

Funny Pets Compilation!

Channels: Cats  Dogs  Dolphins / Whales 

Added: 2880 days ago by Catwoman

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Laser pets and cats

Enjoy my funny compilation of crazy cats and dogs playing with a laser light..

Channels: Cats  Dogs 

Added: 3232 days ago by Bugs

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No pets

You must see this incredibly funny commercial, amazing super funny....

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Added: 3668 days ago by Willy

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Jingles pets

This is a very cute and funny Christmas pets video, nice and sweet

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Added: 3713 days ago by Jamee

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Funny pets

Enjoy this video clip of incredible funny pets...

Channels: Cats  Dogs 

Added: 3726 days ago by Puppy

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