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No Bath for Birdie Boy

Birdie Boy does not like taking a bath unless it's HIS idea! He may be a birdie with awkward little feet but this little guy can run!

Channels: Birds / Parrots 

Added: 2593 days ago by jaedadewalt

Runtime: 00:38 | Views: 401706 | Comments: 0

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No Treats From Obamamp4

funny dog amusing clever dog

Channels: Dogs 

Added: 3246 days ago by Penny

Runtime: 01:28 | Views: 475995 | Comments: 1

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No pets

You must see this incredibly funny commercial, amazing super funny....

Channels: Dogs 

Added: 3637 days ago by Willy

Runtime: 00:30 | Views: 456911 | Comments: 1

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Roosters no fight

Incredible but true, roosters break up fight between rabbits. they love harmony, watch them!!

Channels: Birds / Parrots  Rabbits / Squirrels / Roditors 

Added: 3691 days ago by Cherry

Runtime: 00:29 | Views: 452094 | Comments: 0

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