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Teeth clening fishes

Enjoy this amazing video kindly posted by this nice guy that is having a deep teeth clening by fishes.. amazing video tks

Channels: Fishes 

Added: 2094 days ago by Roby

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Cat hunting fishes

This funny cat is trying to catch fish but it's impossible because of the ice.. very funny movie..

Channels: Cats 

Added: 3351 days ago by Garfield

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Duck and fishes

This kind duck is feeding fishes, very unusual but sweet...

Channels: Birds / Parrots  Fishes 

Added: 3352 days ago by Miky

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Pitbull vs fishes

Silly boxer dog is trying to eat fish through the glass, funny video

Channels: Dogs  Fishes 

Added: 3362 days ago by marko

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Trained fishes

This is amazing, look theese well trained fishes....

Channels: Fishes 

Added: 3370 days ago by Paul

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