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Cattle feeding in dry season

Corn residue is used as feed to supplement natural grass

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Fly fishing

Fly fishing is so exciting! This was my dad's second time fly fishing. We practiced casting, presentation, setting the hook and keeping a tight line a few times on the lawn. The anticipation to get on the water was too great so we put our waders on and jumped in our float tubes. This was the Hex Hatch so things were likely to go crazy! My dad was casting to rising trout that were cruising along the shallows, feeding on hex emergers and duns. He was using a size 8 foam hex dun which this trout found irresistable. Next thing you know....GAME ON! The smile at the end says it all.

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Dry bark diet for a squirrel

Ignoring fruits on trees, this squirrel gnaws away at barks of dry twigs

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