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Diving School for Dogs!

Here is Porter, the World's First Driving Dog!

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Added: 2032 days ago by marko

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Calves inspecting car

The colour is O.K., but the taste is terrible

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Added: 2249 days ago by retiredman9

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cute dog attacks kids toy

This little dog goes crazy every time the kids play with an RC car.

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Added: 2256 days ago by bubbanumerouno

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my doggies riding the cable car up and down the hill and visiting the fishermens museum ..whatch out for another big stick my staffie carries

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Added: 2281 days ago by jaws

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Snake on the windshield of the car!

Snake on the windshield of the car!

Channels: Turtles / Reptiles / Snakes 

Added: 2539 days ago by Oscar

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Dogs vs car

Dogs are trying to catch the car... they don't seems to love the game... funny video

Channels: Dogs 

Added: 3581 days ago by Geronimo

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