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Casting Issues

How a bird and a cat stole the main role in the film from a fox and a squirrel. Tough competition in urban wildlife. Audience Award at Once a Week Film Festival ( Official Selection at Animals Online Film Festival (

Channels: Cats  Birds / Parrots  Wild Nature Animals 

Added: 2033 days ago by Gebica

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Funny Bird sings the Addams Family Song

Funny Bird sings the Addams Family Song

Channels: Birds / Parrots 

Added: 2095 days ago by Sara

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Pelican eating fish

Pelican seems to have a little bit of trouble swallowing the fish....

Channels: Birds / Parrots 

Added: 2107 days ago by hdhungryman

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Bird feeding dog

Funny clip of a bird that is feeding the dog in the chitchen.. very cute and amazing video

Channels: Dogs  Birds / Parrots 

Added: 2270 days ago by Alex

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Trasformer bird

Watch this incredible bird trasforming when see other birds

Channels: Birds / Parrots  Wild Nature Animals 

Added: 3106 days ago by Oscar

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bird and kitten

incredible friendship between kitten and a bird.. they are really funny together

Channels: Cats  Birds / Parrots 

Added: 3121 days ago by Geno

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Funny cat and bird

A very funny clip of a crazy cat falling from tree and a smart bird watching the cat!!

Channels: Cats  Birds / Parrots 

Added: 3449 days ago by Linus

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Weird bird

This weird bird has a lot of space but prefers sitting on top of his friend.... very funny and strange bird..

Channels: Birds / Parrots 

Added: 3525 days ago by Elly

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Cat and bird

A cat an a bird friendship, they look happy to be together, this is incredible, my cat hates birds... watch this video now

Channels: Cats  Birds / Parrots 

Added: 3544 days ago by gonzales

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