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Monkey attacks Hammock

Monkey, loves playing on his hammock.

Channels: Cats 

Added: 2142 days ago by lagirl123

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Yorkie Attacks Dog On Computer Screen

My roommates dog A.J. attacking a dog from Youtube. I swore to myself I wasn't going to broadcast "Dumb pet" video's on my channel, but this was too funny not to be shared. My poor Macbook Pro haha

Channels: Dogs 

Added: 2759 days ago by Catwoman

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When Bear Attacks

Our puppy bear decided to try to attack Davids new transformer robot! It was so cute I had to share this!!!!

Channels: Dogs 

Added: 2935 days ago by sarabethgraff

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Lilou attacks Stefano


Channels: Cats 

Added: 3556 days ago by stefano

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Rat attacks cat

A funny clip of a scary cat that suddenly finds a rat on the bad and runs away from it....

Channels: Cats  Hamsters / Mouses  Rabbits / Squirrels / Roditors 

Added: 3596 days ago by Garfield

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