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Cute dogs playing and having fun

Dalmatian & White Golden Retriever playing

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Added: 2436 days ago by hdhungryman

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my staffie carrying different sticks .. OH !! our dad got the shock of his life when he saw what was hidden in his bed ...SO FUNNY !!

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Added: 2452 days ago by jaws

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my doggies enjoying them selves down the park first thing in the morning ... watch out for stamford swimming in the pond and carrying his big stick home woof woof xxxxxxx

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Added: 2473 days ago by jaws

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Old dog is fat and weak. He can hardly mount the stairs

He is exhausted, but later enjoys a fanned sleep.

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Added: 2488 days ago by retiredman9

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English Bulldog Sleeping, Twitching, and Snoring

Gordo just got back from playing at the Beach and now he must be dreaming about it.

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Added: 2493 days ago by hdhungryman

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Dog and cat competition skills

Amazing competition between a dog and a cat making their best to show incredible skills, this is the first time I've seen something like this, expecially a well trained cat..... This is really unbelievable... must watch!!!

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Added: 2511 days ago by Geno

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Cats and orange

Cats and orange

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Added: 2533 days ago by marko

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I'm sexy and I know it

My dog working this song like no one else could. Enjoy!

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Added: 2557 days ago by KatySchuele

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Carp Fishing Made Funny and Easy

Look those fishes literally jumping into the boat! FUNNY!

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Added: 2680 days ago by marko

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